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January, 2014



Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pat Bobinski has been working at his usual super(trails)man pace to get the Hay River Ski Club trails in perfect condition for the 2013 - 2014 ski season.   Snow conditions this year have been so dramatically different from a year ago when we were hit with a devastating early storm which felled trees, topped trees and created mayhem throughout the forested area around Hay River and the ski club.  This year's early snows have been incremental and while not overly abundant, ideal for packing and early season trail preparation.  

Pat has all the trails packed as of Thursday, November 28, when he was able to set up the two river crossings and pack the Brendan Green Olympic Trail across the River.  Pat was out at the trail after Thursday's snow storm working as he often does, in the middle of the night to get the Brendan Green trail packed.  He said that the storm moved off at that time and he was able to work under a spectacular starry sky.  Pat was thrilled to hear that at just about the same time overseas in Norway Brendan Green was shooting and skiing his way to a second place finish in the second IBU Cup event.  

Trails to try....

Ricardo's Way is Open ... lots of animal tracks, grouse, chickadees and Sitelle, the lone nuthatch at Creeking Tree Corner. Take some shelled peanuts out and they'll eat out of your hand :o).  


Brendan Green Olympic Trail is Open

Ski across to the cabin!  Sign the guest book :o).  

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Trails Update:  Pat freshly packed and cut all of the Hay River Ski Club trails late Friday.  Overnight we had several inches of powder snow, so the trails are in wonderful shape.  Great conditions for following all the animal tracks throughout the trail system.  :o)

Update on trail conditions article link.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Cabin is open for the season.  Solitude Trail is open for classic and skating.  Sign in the book at the cabin, warm yourself by the airtight wood stove.  Perhaps a picnic and ski :o).  Enjoy the awesome skiing!


With the exception of the Brendan Green Olympic Trail, all trails, including Ricardo's Way, have bee cleared since the ice storms.  Pat has everything groomed beautifully for classic and skating.  A credit to Pat's trail making skill and experience, the conditions are excellent!  Wax for the milder temperatures and fly through the boreal forest on those skinny skis!  Happy Christmas holidays! :o)

Tuesday, November 20, Trail Conditions Update

Under the direction of trail boss, Pat Bobinski, we've been busy with the ongoing work of clearing the downed ice storm trees and debris from the ski trails.   Stephen Gyapay and Jaan Pedjase joined up with the team of Pat and Bob to push through a complete trail on the Solitude Loop :o).  That took three good day's work this week, but will give club skiers access to our cabin and a great classic or skate ski out to the look out on the other side of the river.  Very pretty over there with all this snow.  As a matter of fact.... the snow globe conditions that these early storms have produced may have set us up for some of the prettiest skiing the club has ever seen.  Enjoy!

Photos of clearing work on Solitude Trail: 



*** Hay River Corrections have been volunteering to clear ice storm tree falls from Ricardo's Way.  They have made it half way round that loup at this point.  No trails can be groomed through there until they've completed their work. **** 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 Trail Conditions Update

Since the ice storm in late October, Pat has committed himself to clearing the debris from all ski trails that pass through the woods.  Every wooded trail was affected.  The weight of ice and snow alone was enough to pull down hundreds of trees and remove tops from many spruce that are still standing.  A lot of the felled trees have been half or completely buried by the heavy snow that come with the storm.   

Volunteers from the Hay River ski club and the Hay River correctional facility have been out to assist with this demanding work.  Thanks!  At present, the following trails are still closed due to the damage: Ricardo's Way, The Brendan Green Olympic Trail, Solitude Trail.

Open trails: 5 K, 3 K, M & M, 2 K, 1.5 K  Thanks Pat!

The following photos were taken Tuesday, November 13.  Pat has been working to create access to the trails across the river.  This has required hours of chain sawing and ramp building on the river approaches.





Link here for a map of the Hay River Ski Club Trail System



Thank you Wesclean and Kevin Wallington for making the late Saturday afternoon delivery of Pat's newest amazing track setting machine.  It was like Christmas morning for Pat.  Look for the trails to be even more incredible than before, if that's possible! 





Hay River Ski Trails

Click here to download a printable pdf version of the Hay River ski trails.


             Pat Bobinski, Hay River's trail boss, oversees a chainsaw skill course at the clubhouse this past fall.